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What’s the Difference Between a Custom Wood Pizza Oven and a Fireplace Pizza Oven?

Imagine biting into a pizza with a perfectly charred crust, infused with the sublime smoky flavors only a fireplace can impart. Delicious, right? Well, to achieve that level of perfection, you need the right tools—and the right pizza oven. Both custom wood pizza ovens and fireplace pizza ovens offer distinct advantages that cater to your […]

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What Size Brick Oven Do You Need?

So, you’ve done the research and decided that a brick oven would be the perfect addition to your outdoor entertainment space. You’re all fired up and ready to get your pizza party started! But now comes the important question: What size wood-burning pizza oven do you need? At Round Grove Products, we offer four sizes

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4 Tips for Brick Oven Maintenance

Brick ovens are a popular choice for pizza enthusiasts. They provide an authentic brick oven experience. However, brick ovens require regular maintenance in order to function properly and produce delicious food.  In this blog, we will discuss the basics of brick oven maintenance, including the tools you will need and the steps you should take

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Fiesta Combination Units

The Fiesta-Mini footprint is only 39” wide—so it can fit through tight clearance, yet the brick oven is actually larger than the Kiva combo. The downside of the Mini fireplace is chopping the wood a little smaller. An 18” stainless log grate completes the picture. The Fiesta-Poco features the best value for the size with

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Customization Options

Clients choose to work with Round Grove Products for several reasons—value, quality, rapid fulfillment, premium customer service, and customization.  Every day we get questions from our customers asking whether we can build to specific dimensions or if we can rough-in for a gas log insert.  The answer is always “Yes” because, unlike pre-cast fireplace kits,

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The Best Woods for Cooking

Olive Olive wood provides earthy, soft notes to dishes. We recommend using this wood when cooking poultry or fish. This wood type has been used in the Mediterranean for centuries and provides a slow, even burn. Hickory One of the most popular woods used in smoking. Adds a hearty taste to all types of meats, especially pork.

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