Fiesta Combination Units

fiesta mini

The Fiesta-Mini footprint is only 39” wide—so it can fit through tight clearance, yet the brick oven is actually larger than the Kiva combo. The downside of the Mini fireplace is chopping the wood a little smaller. An 18” stainless log grate completes the picture.

The Fiesta-Poco features the best value for the size with a generous brick oven yet still a fair-sized fireplace that will fit a 23” log grate. Wood storage boxes should be about 30” wide for an appealing proportional scale.

fiesta poco combo
fiesta mezzo

The Fiesta-Mezzo® is the most popular size because the scale is perfect for most outdoor entertainment spaces. The brick oven and the fireplace are both spacious. A 30” log grate fits best and 36” wood storage boxes are perfect.

The Fiesta-Largo is the largest size and is appropriate for spaces nearby larger homes. The brick oven and fireplace are enormous. A 36” log grate is the recommended size and wood storage boxes can range from 42” to 48” wide depending on the space.

fiesta largo

The Fiesta combo is our most popular combination unit model and is recommended for homeowners that are looking for a brick oven and fireplace to amplify their outdoor entertainment features. You can enjoy a fire in the fireplace or you can enjoy sweet and savory goodness roasting in the brick oven or you can do both simultaneously.

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  1. Hi, can you please advise price for the (hipped) fiesta mezzo and fiesta poco?, as well as prices for wood boxes?
    Thanks in advance

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