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Clients choose to work with Round Grove Products for several reasons—value, quality, rapid fulfillment, premium customer service, and customization.  Every day we get questions from our customers asking whether we can build to specific dimensions or if we can rough-in for a gas log insert.  The answer is always “Yes” because, unlike pre-cast fireplace kits, we can customize any feature to your exact specification.

Brick Oven Customization -Round Grove Products

There are many standard features which can be chosen—shoulder shape and firebox shape are the easiest variables to change at no additional cost.  Firebox height is another no-cost option.

Chimney extensions are the most common option to reach the required height above a nearby structure.

Brick Oven Customization -Round Grove Products
Brick Oven Customization -Round Grove Products

Choose a different color of brick or a unique brick pattern.  Add a hearth or create a custom hearth.  Upgrade to a copper or stainless chimney cap.

There are further design elements such as mantel supports or stepping the chimney back to create a mantel shelf.  Or maybe you want to add rough-ins for utilities like power, cable, audio, LP or natural gas.

Custom Fireplaces -Round Grove Products
Double Sided Brick Ovens -Round Grove Products

Double-sided fireboxes are available.  And other features such as a cooking arm inside the firebox, log grates, gas log sets, or wood storage boxes.

Round Grove Products can customize your order to include boom hoist lift points or even componentize your order into smaller modules if your building site has access limitations.

Brick Oven Customization -Round Grove Products

The point is no two customers want exactly the same features and with Round Grove Products anything is possible.  Once you see how many combinations are possible, a pre-cast kit will never be satisfactory again.  No one cares more about the exact details of your order than Round Grove Products.  Contact one of our customer experience specialists to begin building our custom fireplace or combo unit today!

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