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When considering Round Grove outdoor brick ovens in Ohio, you can choose between two models (hipped shoulders or standing seam roof) and four standard sizes. The mini-unit is also available with a standing seam roof. Furthermore, custom sizes are always available, ensuring that your brick pizza oven will fit seamlessly into  your outdoor backyard space. With Round Grove Products you can design custom brick ovens that are as unique as you and as flavorful as your favorite recipe. 

Learn More About Custom Outdoor Brick Ovens

When exploring options to upgrade your backyard living space, you want the epitome of style, design, and functionality to get the most out of your area. It’s time to explore the endless style and cooking options with custom outdoor pizza ovens! Click the video below to learn how to transform your outdoor living space!

Is the thought of a pizza slow firing cooking in your outdoor brick oven enticing you? Make sure to click the flame below to heat up your brick oven search and learn how Round Grove Products can help bring your ideal backyard to life!

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Outdoor Brick Ovens

Why Round Grove Custom Brick Ovens?

  • 18-Gauge galvanized U-channel framing with glass-fiber reinforced sheathing and factor-applied scratch-coat on all sides that feature heavy duty steel construction, corrosion resistant, non-combustible and are built with inert materials and finished with a Dura-Vent flue.
  • Real, pre-installed firebrick rather than a precast refractory insert that is prone to crack (and eliminate curing time delays!)
  • Full firebrick dome interior
Round Grove Products:
The Better Choice for backyard Brick Pizza ovens
  • Easily finish to match home or building exterior
  • Pre-assembled and ready to finish
  • Single piece unit (prevents shipping damage)
  • No separate footer foundation 
  • Open access for handling, strapping, or anchoring
  • Lighter than masonry block or pre-cast pizza ovens
  • Suitable for 4″ concrete slab
  • Instant installation
  • Custom sizes and designs available. 
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For more about brick oven recipes and other helpful information, check out Bonnie’s Blog at Brick Oven Lifestyle for inspiration!

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With our all-inclusive order fulfillment, Round Grove is a one-stop shop supplying you will the chimney cap, pizza peel, access panels, connector plates, and fasteners—everything you need to install your product. And once it’s installed Round Grove supplies after-sale service, education, and support through Brick Oven Lifestyle with cooking and maintenance videos, utensils and accessories merchandise, and a network of other brick oven users.

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