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I often tell the story of how Round Grove Products got started, but it’s more relevant to hardscape contractors now than at any other time. My wife and I designed a DIY outdoor kitchen for our backyard patio that included a fireplace and hired a contractor with an excellent reputation. We watched the construction progress for two weeks while the islands were built and the fireplace took shape. Finally, it was time to put on exterior finishes and after another week, we had the entertainment space of our dreams.

But my brain kept coming back to that two-week period of on-site construction. Most of my corporate career was spent with contractor-installed products and I always worked to broaden the window for quick and successful installations. Why deal with the logistics of all the materials, sand, block, mortar, tools, labor, water source, electrical source, et cetera? There had to be a way for contractors to get in-and-out and get onto the next job more quickly.

That’s the appeal of Round Grove’s prefabricated cabinets and fireplaces. No more schedule delays. No more subcontractor delays. No more weather delays. Just one day for delivery and, in a few minutes, you’re ready to finish. Literally, in just five minutes, the fireplace can be set down in place and, in just another 15 minutes, all the handling points can be closed up and secured. A chimney extension can be completed in just another 20 minutes.

Compare Round Grove to the materials, time, and skilled labor required to build a CMU block fireplace. We all know skilled labor is getting harder to find every season—Round Grove Products prefab assembly saves days of labor.

Additionally, compare the weight of a CMU block fireplace with a Round Grove fireplace. Just the time and cost savings of the foundation footing can make a huge difference. Round Grove Products lightweight construction saves days of scheduling.

And the cost comparison? Don’t get me started. We all know what it costs for a mason to build and finish a CMU block fireplace or the cost of a prefinished dimensional fireplace from your paver manufacturer. We’ve all seen project budgets totally blown up by the fireplace estimate! Then the client’s budget dictates the project becomes either the fireplace or the kitchen rather than both. Round Grove Products can make the fireplace affordable again.

Compare Round Grove to the materials, time, and skilled labor required to assemble a precast fireplace kit. I talk to a lot of contractors around the nation that are using kits. While the direct cost comparison favors the kit, the total cost of the kit, the required adhesives, the fire brick, fire clay mortar, and the deeper footer construction makes a roughly equivalent comparison. While some kits can be assembled in just a few hours, there’s still time needed for the fire brick installation; some kits require a scratch-coat over the joints between the precast puzzle pieces. Round Grove Products ready-to-finish surface saves days of waiting.

Even pre-cast cabinet elements require a lot of time to bolt together and still require labor to cut-out all the appliance rough-ins. Round Grove Products ready-to-finish cabinets save days of preparation, assembly, clean-up for your skilled labor crew and days of scheduling with subcontractors.

Consider using Round Grove Products prefabricated cabinets and fireplaces. Save skilled labor hours, reduce the impact of weather delays, and reduce subcontractor scheduling conflicts. These are the advantages that will permit you to finish jobs more quickly and grow your topline revenue by getting more jobs done each season.

There are more advantages to consider when specifying your Round Grove order—all-inclusive features or customizations that are not available from any other manufacturer. Contact Round Grove Products directly at [email protected], by phone at (330) 6213657, or use our Request-A-Quote tool at Me and my staff will work with you individually to start saving time and money on your next project!!

Scott Widmer

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