7 Tips for Using Your Outdoor Fireplace this Spring

The snowy temperatures lose a bit of their magic after the holidays. We love a white Christmas but after a while, we’re ready to break out of our winter hibernation and start enjoying the fresh air – that’s where your outdoor fireplace comes in!

Even if cold weather has been keeping you indoors the past few months, there are a few things you can do to make spring come quicker. One of those is prepping your outdoor fireplace for those balmy spring days. Here are seven tips for using your outdoor fireplace this season:

1. Get It Inspected

Before you light up your outdoor fireplace, make sure to have it inspected by a professional. Fireplaces need regular maintenance and inspections to ensure that they’re in good working order and won’t be a hazard to your home.

2. Keep Your Fireplace Clean

Make sure to remove any soot, ash, or debris from your outdoor fireplace before use. Since the leaves fall during the cold months, you might have some buildup in your fireplace. Cleaning will help it burn more efficiently and reduce the risk of smoke inhalation. For more information on keeping your fireplace sparkling, take a look at these tips.

3. Allow for Proper Ventilation

Check your ventilation channels to make sure there’s no built-up debris or blockages that could affect the flow of air. If your channels or vents are blocked, it’ll be harder to keep your flame going which could lead to an excess of smoke or gas.

4. Get the Right Fuel

Make sure you’re using the right kind of fuel for your outdoor fireplace. Charcoal and wood are both popular fuels, but you should always double-check which type of firewood is best for your model. Stock up on a little bit so when a warm day comes and the outdoors are calling, you’ll be ready to go.

5. Cover When Not in Use

If you’re not using your outdoor fireplace, make sure to cover it with an appropriate material. This will help protect the firebox from the elements and make sure that it doesn’t get damaged by rain or snow. Check for ant hills or other critter homes near your outdoor hearth, too!

6. Keep Flames Under Control

This is especially important for charcoal-fueled fireplaces, which can get much hotter than wood-burning models. A sudden gust of wind or popping from a log can send sparks into nearby plants or structures. Since fireplaces are usually covered on the sides and top, unlike a fire pit, you shouldn’t have to worry about this as much, but it’s good to keep in mind.

7. Don’t Leave It Unattended

Never leave an open flame (especially in an enclosed area) unattended for any length of time. Always make sure that someone is around to monitor the fire, and follow all safety regulations when it comes to starting fires outdoors.

Avoid the Winter Blues With Round Grove Products

An outdoor fireplace is a perfect addition to your outdoor space—they add value to your home and create a welcoming place for friends and family. There’s something special about a night under the stars near a crackling fireplace. So follow these tips and start dreaming about the springtime memories you’ll make!

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