Just what do you mean by “Instant Installation”?

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One of the biggest advantages of building your outdoor entertainment project with Round Grove Products is the “instant installation” feature.  Our trailer arrives at the curb and the individual units are installed in place in minutes.  That’s it.

Compare that to the truckloads of CMU block, sand, and bags of cement; saws, and mixers that all have to be transported and then unloaded on-site.  The hours of time to unload and then all the clean-up.  All those resources can be utilized elsewhere and that lowers costs. 

Not to mention the scheduling delays with third-party contractors nor the scarcity of skilled labor.  Not to mention lost opportunities due to weather delays.  All those delays can be prevented by using Round Grove Products.  

Fewer delays result in faster completion; faster completion means more time to enjoy your entertainment space.  Lower costs and faster completion are the two key features of “instant installation” and that’s only available with Round Grove Products.

Email us today at [email protected] or request a quote online at www.roundgroveproducts.com to finish your dream outdoor project as quickly as possible.

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