What Are Your Options for a Backyard Pavilion?

Outdoor spaces can be a perfect blend between your comfortable home and the beauty of nature. There’s more to it than extending your physical space—you’re creating a  whole new atmosphere for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors.

When you’re looking for ways to add value to your home, one of our first suggestions is a backyard pavilion. It’s more durable and weatherproof than a pergola but offers more style and customization than a patio. Here’s a deep dive into why we think backyard our pavilions are a great choice and how you can get one of your own!

Benefits of a Backyard Pavilion

Protection from the elements: Rain, snow, and intense sunlight can put a damper on outdoor gatherings. With a pavilion, you’ll have a roof overhead to keep your family dry and shaded.

Increased function: Pavilions provide an open space for outdoor dining or lounging without the need for additional tents or canopies.

Enhanced design: A well-designed pavilion can add a touch of elegance and beauty to your backyard.

Customizable options: You can pick colors, materials, feature add-ons (like a brick oven), and more to make the pavilion fit your specific style and needs.

Added value: In addition to providing an enjoyable outdoor space for you and your family, a backyard pavilion can increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell.

Can I Customize My Backyard Pavilion?

One of the best features of a backyard pavilion is that it’s extremely design-friendly. For your posts and beams, you can choose from colors like antique bronze, rustic red, gallery blue, and basically anything in between. For a more natural look, you could go with a wood stain in a variety of colors.

Depending on the size of your yard, you can get a prefabricated pavilion or even customize your order for a perfect fit. The ribbed metal roof can also be customized by color and the Mortise & Tenon Joinery (what gives it that classic, cabin look) is the cherry on top.

And you don’t have to stop with a pavilion. To take your space to the next level, you can add an outdoor kitchen, brick oven, fireplace, or combination of all three! There really is no end to what you can do with this beautiful space.

What’s the Order Process Like?

First, you’ve got to take a look at our catalog for design ideas. The options are endless, so take your time and find some styles that you love. After you have an idea of what you want, you’ll work with one of our expert designers to get the perfect size and customization for your space.

After a couple of weeks, we’ll be ready to deliver your new outdoor space! All of our products come pre-cut, pre-stained, and ready for assembly. We include detailed, step-by-step instructions so you can enjoy your pavilion in no time.

Create a Place for Beautiful Memories with Round Grove Products

There’s nothing quite like spending a summer evening under the stars in your very own backyard pavilion. And when the weather cools down, you can fire up the brick oven and fireplace to keep the memories going. It’s an investment in both enjoying your outdoor space now and adding value to your home in the future.

Our design experts would love to help you customize the perfect backyard pavilion. Check out the Round Grove Products catalog and give us a call to start creating your own special outdoor space.

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