Pre-Finished Stone

Upgrade your purchase to include one of the cultured stone finishes below to complete your fireplace at Round Grove’s workshop!

ProVia Catawba Drystack

ProVia Colorado Drystack

ProVia Erie Drystack

ProVia Huron Drystack

ProVia Lakepointe Drystack

ProVia Ottawa Drystack

ProVia Phoenix Drystack

ProVia Seneca Drystack

ProVia Shawnee Drystack

ProVia Whisperwood Drystack

ProVia Old Dominion Fieldstone

ProVia Pennsylvania Fieldstone

ProVia Shenandoah Fieldstone

ProVia Strathmore Fieldstone

ProVia Top Rock Fieldstone

ProVia Allegheny Limestone

ProVia Amherst Limestone

ProVia Blue Ridge Limestone

ProVia Buckingham Limestone

ProVia Buff Limestone

ProVia Nantucket Limestone

ProVia Ohio Vintage Limestone

ProVia Sandusky Shore Limestone

ProVia Brighton Ledgestone

ProVia Canyon Ledgestone

ProVia Osage Ledgestone

ProVia Rushmore Ledgestone

ProVia Saginaw Ledgestone

ProVia Santee Ledgestone

ProVia Southbriar Ledgestone

ProVia Susquehanna Ledgestone

ProVia Ashworth Natural Cut

ProVia Fernwood Natural Cut

ProVia Woodbridge Natural Cut

ProVia Adobe Sands PrecisionFit

ProVia Driftwood PrecisionFit

ProVia Sage Grey PrecisionFit

ProVia Slate Terra Cut

ProVia Summit Terra Cut

ProVia Russet Terra Cut

Call or email our sales team to get more information and an estimate on any ProVia Stone Vaneer.

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