Stax from Round Grove

Explore the wide variety of options that Round Grove Products’ Stax modular components can provide.

Every outdoor entertainment project has its own unique set of challenges and expectations — Round Grove Products reduces the amount of time and resources required to install hardscaping features. 

Introducing another brand-new solution from Round Grove Products that gives wholesalers and contractors more access to these labor-saving and time-saving products! Designed and built using innovative materials and principles from Round Grove Products, STAX components fit together using positioning features to ease the installation process and provide a secure, robust finished assembly. STAX modular fireplace and brick oven components permit installation of these popular entertainment features on sites that have unique elevation changes, tight clearances, or restricted access. 

STAX includes firebox, brick oven, chimney transition, extension, and hearth components that quickly assemble together and are ready to be finished in less than an hour.

  •  Installs in minutes
  • Ships common carrier
  • Pre-installed fire brick
  • Generous firebox proportions
  • Light-weight components
  • Engineered fork access features
  •  Assembles easily with positive positioning feature
  • Perfect for sites with tight clearances
  • All hardware and fasteners included