The Best Woods for Cooking


Olive wood provides earthy, soft notes to dishes. We recommend using this wood when cooking poultry or fish. This wood type has been used in the Mediterranean for centuries and provides a slow, even burn.


One of the most popular woods used in smoking. Adds a hearty taste to all types of meats, especially pork. The smell of Hickory can be very pungent, but it provides a long-lasting burn.


Usually used when cooking pork or red meat, Mesquite adds a “bite” to the taste of whatever meat it is used to cook or smoke. Typically used in southern barbeque. One of the hottest burning woods.


Adds a nutty, sweet flavor. For more intense flavor add pecan shells into the fire. Adding too many may cause a bitter taste so use caution.


Works well with just about any dish or meat. Blends well with other woods such as apple, hickory, and cherry. This wood provides a medium smoky flavor.


This wood has a strong and slightly bitter flavor that works well with red meats. Walnut is usually added to other woods to create a more mild flavor for smoking or cooking.

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